Thanks to a trademark search you can get a general idea about activities of your competitors. You can find out whether there are other users or owners of a trademark who legitimately or illegitimately use a similar or identical mark, and thus you can learn whether anyone is infringing your trademark.

Searching is an integral part of a responsible trademark strategy in case of:

  • word or design marks
  • company and domain names
  • business names
  • proper names
  • protected titles.

Registrability search or in-use search?

If you would like to register a new trademark, you should have a registrability search conducted. If you already own a trademark, you should opt for in-use searching.

Registrability search for your “desired mark”

You have found a name for your mark or company. Before you launch or register your mark, however, you should have a registrability search conducted. The Trademark Conquerors will be happy to conduct a registrability search for you in order to check if your application for a “desired mark” is not potentially conflicting with any earlier marks.

Should you be using a mark which is protected (either pending or already registered), you are infringing someone else’s trademark rights, which could mean litigation.

In-use search for a trademark owner

If you own a registered trademark, you should have an in-use search conducted in order to find out whether third parties are infringing your trademark.

Whether a national, international or worldwide search is necessary, depends on the geographical spread of your trademark (national, CTM, international).

A trademark is a valuable asset. Unauthorised use of a mark means the rightful owner may loose business and goodwill.