A design´s application (design´s patent) helps you achieving the absolute right of protection on your design or creation. A patentable design, includes numerous and different shaping (a design consists on two-dimensional and three-dimensional outward forms of a whole product or a part of it, determined by the characteristics of the lines, contours, colors, shape, surface structure or materials of the product itself or its decoration).

Our Patent´s Attorneys would recommend you to conduct a design´s research before the actual application.

On your behalf, the Patent´s Conquerors will file your design´s patent application to the German Patent and Trademark Office. The Trademark Conquerors will act as your representative during registration proceedings. Choose from one of the following services:

German Design Application (D) *

German design
Application (D) *
from 245 EUR *

Registering your design in Germany, allows you to protect you design´s patent for a limited period of time.

Our Patent´s Attorneys will file your design´s application to the German Patent and Trademark Office, on your behalf. You are a design´s owner.


European Design Application (EU) *

European Design
Application (EU)*
from 285 EUR*

Conquer Europe!

If you decide to apply for a European design´s application, you will protect your design throughout all the member countries of the European Union.

This protection can be extended beyond the territory of the EU Member States (to the signatory states of The Hague Convention) by means of an official request to the Office for Harmonization.

You have the right to purchase this EU design´s patent throughout all the countries of the EU Community (please contact us, if you have interests for individual countries). It can only be completely transferred, if it has not been revoked or declared invalid. As far as concerned a license, we can confirm that this can also be issued to individual countries or regions of the European Union.

How can I conquer Europe?

Our patent´s attorney will file your design´s patent at the Office for Harmonization for the Internal Market (OHIM) in Alicante, Spain. We will be your representative partners, in your behalf. They are the patent´s owners. By registering your design, you will receive a design´s protection European-wide, for a limited time.


International Design Application (INT)*

International Design
from 450 EUR*

Design protection and globalization!

The international registration gives you protection of design throughout the member states of The Hague Agreement.

The Hague Convention protects design´s patents at an international level. A list of the WIPO provides information on the current countries bound by The Hague model agreements

Your advantage: You do not need to carry out parallel registrations of national design´s patents in different Member States. You will receive design protection in every country.

How does it work?

Our Patent´s Conquerors will file your design´s patent at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva. The application will be made on your behalf, from one of our attorneys, as your representative. You are the design-owner. Your will receive design´s protection for a limited period of time, that you can extend up to 25 years.