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The IBA (International Bar Association) provides information on international matters relating to the legal profession as well as a unique platform concerning world law.
The Federal Bar Association provides information also on attorney’s fees.
German Law and Informatics Association
ACID – Anti Copying In Design
AIM – European Brands Association (Association des Industries de Marque)
AIPLA – American Intellectual Property Law Association
AIPPI – International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property
AIPPIDE – German regional group of AIPPI
APIPA – Asia Pacific Intellectual Property Association
APM – German Business Action Group against Product and Trademark Counterfeiting
APRAM – French Association of Legal Practitioners of Trademarks and Designs
ASIP – Arab Society for Intellectual Property
ASIPI – Interamerican Association of Industrial Property
BEDA – Bureau of European Designers’ Association
BNEF – Brand Names Education Foundation
BNotK – German Federal Chamber of Notaries
BPLA – Boston Patent Law Association
BRAK – Federal Bar Association
B.V.S. – Association of Publicly Certified and Qualified Experts
CEIPI – Center for International Industrial Property Studies
CIPA – Chartered Institute of Patent Agents
CIPR – The Coalition for Intellectual Property Rights
DAV – German Lawyers’ Association
DEV – German Association of Inventors
DIHK – German Chamber of Industry and Commerce
DIS – German Institution of Arbitration
FAST – Federation Against Software Theft
FICPI – International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys
European Commission Directorate-General for Competition
GACG – Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group
GRUR – German Association for Intellectual Property and Copyright
HKITMP – The Hong Kong Institute of Trademark Practitioners
IACC – International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition
ICC – International Chamber of Commerce
IFIA – International Federation of Inventors’ Associations
IILP – The Institute of International Licensing Practitioners
IIP – Institute of Intellectual Property Tokyo
IIPA – International Intellectual Property Alliance
IIPI – International Intellectual Property Institute
INTA – International Trademark Association
IPBA – Intellectual Property Bar Association
IPIC – Intellectual Property Institute of Canada
IPSANZ – Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand
IPTA – Institute of Patent and Trademark Attorneys of Australia
ITMA – British Institute of Trademark Attorneys
JIII – Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation
LESI – Licensing Executives Authority
LIDC – International League of Competition Law
German Brand Association
MARQUES – Association of European Trademark Owners
MINDS – Malaysian Invention & Design Society
MIPLC – Munich Intellectual Property Law Centre
MPI – Max-Planck-Institute for Foreign and International.

Patent, Copyright and Competition Law
NIPI – Brazilian Industrial Property Office
NIPO – National Intellectual Property Organization of India
OPEV – Austrian Association of Patentholders and Inventors
PAVIS – Service Organisation for German Patent Attorneys
PIPLA – Philadelphia Intellectual Property Law Association
RIPLA – Rochester Intellectual Property Association
SAIIPL – South African Institute of Intellectual Property Law
SFIPLA – San Francisco Intellectual Property Law Association
SVIPLA – Silicon Valley Intellectual Property Association
UN – United Nations
V.B.P. – German Anti-Piracy Association
VDI – Association of German Engineers
Association of Technical Members of the German Patent and Trademark Office
VDE – Association of German Electrical Engineers
WCO – World Customs Organization
WIPLA – World Intellectual Property Law Agency
WTO – World Trade Organisation
Federal Customs Administration