horak Lawyers/ Patent Attorneys is a leading IP consultancy that provides the full range of IP services, from portfolio management, disputes and enforcement through to strategy, consulting and commercialisation. You would like to apply for a patent or a design? Do you have a renowned name? Then you should safeguard, defend and protect it. We have the following services at the ready for you:

basic trademark registration (D)* 175 EUR**
comfort trademark registration (D)* 355 EUR**
Trademark consultation (D)* 89 EUR**
trademark Search (D)+(CTM)+(IR)* 180 EUR**
preliminary search (D)* 25 EUR**
european trademark registration (CTM)* 279EUR**
international trademark registration (IR)* 345 EUR**
national trademark registration (foreign country)* 345 EUR**
German TM application package (D)* 355 EUR**
EU TM application package (EU)* 495 EUR**
international TM application package (IR)* 695 EUR**
trademark watching (D)+(CTM)+(IR)* 200 EUR**/Jahr
trademark opposition proceedings (D)* 600 EUR**
trademark revocation proceedings (D)* 600 EUR**

Trademark searches

Conduct trademark searches - not only before filing a trademark application but also after trademark registration Trade mark searches are important. They are the only way to check if your proposed trade mark does not [...]

How to register a trademark in Germany?

Trademark Registration in Germany The German Patent and Trade Mark Office examines your trade mark application for so-called absolute grounds for refusal. Signs or indications are excluded from registration if they merely describe the kind, [...]

European and International Patent Application (EP/ PCT)

Patent protection abroad Patents are only valid in the country for which they have been granted (principle of territoriality). Patents granted by the DPMA have effect in the Federal Republic of Germany. You have a [...]

Applying for a patent in Germany

Please bear in mind that the patent system is a very complex field of law. It may be advisable to retain the services of a patent attorney for preparing and filing a patent application. If [...]

Trade mark protection by trademark application and registration

You can register all signs as trade marks that are suitable for distinguishing goods or services of a particular enterprise from that of other enterprises. Trade marks can consist of words, letters, numbers, pictures, three-dimensional [...]

Trade mark protection for products and services

Trade marks identify products and services of an enterprise. They stand for the quality of an enterprise and are part of the company’s intellectual property, just like patents. A strong trade mark is a valuable [...]