international trademark
application (IR)**
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Make your trademark protection global!

An international trademark registration gives you protection in the 77 countries which have signed the Madrid Agreement and the Protocol to the Madrid Agreement.

The benefits of international registration are obvious: You do not have to make separate applications in order to have your trademark protected in different countries. This means less paperwork, lower costs and faster results.Wird Ihre Marke rechtskräftig zurückgewiesen, so bleibt der Markenschutz – im Gegensatz zur EU-Gemeinschaftsmarke – in den übrigen Ländern bestehen.

Contrary to the Community Trade Mark, if your trademark is invalidated in one of the countries, this does not affect its protection in the remaining countries.

How to register an international trademark?

The Trademark Conquerors file an application to register your trademark with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), based in Geneva, Switzerland. The Trademark Conquerors act as your representative. You will be the owner of the trademark. Your registration lasts ten years from the original filing date and can be renewed every ten years thereafter.

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