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Your patent/utility model:

Basis-patent registration (D)* from 990 EUR
Comfort-patent registration (D)* from 1990 EUR
Comfort-utility model registration (D)* from 890 EUR
Patent registration (EU)* from 2990 EUR
International Patent Protection package (CTM)* from 2990 EUR
State of the art research (D)*+ (EU)*+ (IR)* from 350 EUR
Competitors research (D)*+ (EU)*+ (IR)* from 190 EUR
Single-file research (D)* from 25 EUR
Freedom to operate research (D)* Price on Request
Patent/Utility model violation+ examination of warnings letters from 89 EUR
Patent Consultation (D)*+ (EU)*+ (IR)* from 190 EUR
Utility models Consultation (D)* from 89 EUR
Monitoring (D)* from 350 EUR/year
Representation (D)* from 380 EUR
Representation (EU)* from 680 EUR
International Representation (CTM)* from 680 EUR
Opposition proceedings (D)* from 1600 EUR
Revocation proceedings (D)* from 1600 EUR