Being an owner of a trademark, you must be on the qui vive at all times. Infringement and dilution are possible dangers to your mark. The monitoring of your trademark rights serves to protect your trademark and its value.

Your potential competitors can quickly register similar trademarks for similar goods or services, in which case your trademark loses its uniqueness and distinctiveness.

A trademark is a valuable asset. Unauthorised use of a mark means that the rightful owner may lose business and goodwill.

Let the Trademark Conquerors keep an eye on your competitors!

The monitoring of your trademark helps to preserve its value.

A permanent watching service monitors the trademark register for applications that may conflict with your mark. This gives you the opportunity to promptly object to the use and registration of conflicting trademarks.

Defending your trademark

The Trademark Conquerors will be happy to provide a legal analysis and propose a defence strategy in case of a conflicting mark.

Several strategies are available:

  • opposing a trademark application with the respective Trademark Office
  • settlement of rights relating to respective trademarks
  • cease-and-desist letter and interim injunction proceedings