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What is patentable under German patent law?

Due to the constant further development of science and technology, it must be continuously redefined what is available for patent protection. In general, objects and processes from all fields of technology are patentable; but the advancement of science is constantly extending the traditional definition of technology. Furthermore, it must be possible to perform the invention [...]

European and International Patent Application (EP/ PCT)

Patent protection abroad Patents are only valid in the country for which they have been granted (principle of territoriality). Patents granted by the DPMA have effect in the Federal Republic of Germany. You have a choice of several routes for obtaining patent protection of your invention in other countries. If you wish to obtain protection [...]

Trade mark protection for products and services

Trade marks identify products and services of an enterprise. They stand for the quality of an enterprise and are part of the company’s intellectual property, just like patents. A strong trade mark is a valuable asset. Anyone can file a trade mark. Trade mark protection is available for words, letters, numbers, pictures, and even colours [...]